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Technology R & D

Technology R & D

In the field of lighting, the development of LEDs brings a new direction of thinking to the design of lighting products. It has completely different characteristics from traditional light sources. The thin and light design that was difficult to achieve in the past, as well as the choice of traditional lighting color, these LEDs have the characteristics Releasing the yoke of lighting designers for hundreds of years has also brought new challenges.Our LED package foundation is the best backing for our design of lighting fixtures and solutions. We can fine-tune various LED parameters from the most basic component side to ensure that the final solution meets the original design goals. Turn the challenges brought by LED into an endless stream of innovative energy.

In addition to the design concept of full-hearted lighting for LEDs, it also has rich experience in foundry for international manufacturers. Customers are located in Europe, America and Japan, as small as LED bulbs, table lamps used at home, and street lamps and projection lights used outdoors. With independent development capabilities in all aspects of opto-mechanical and thermal, can provide solutions from packaging, modules to finished products and even the overall system, product development capabilities with both depth and breadth, is your best partner for product development!

Backlight application

The design of the backlight module focuses on the fit with the final product, from handheld products that can be grasped in one hand, to a new generation of high-resolution LCD TVs over 60 inches, from packaging, substrates, optical design, heat flow processing to control circuits. With rich matching experience, although the backlight products are hidden behind the bright and beautiful products, the variables that need to be considered will not be discounted. We are the best support for the design of your LCD products.

technology R & D

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