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Environment Safety

Environment Safety

Bestopto Environmental Safety and Health Policy

The company is a professional manufacturer of surface-adhesive light-emitting diodes SMD LED and other related optical components. Adhering to the concept of sustainable business management, the company aims at green production, and pursues zero disasters, actively implements damage prevention, and health management. , Energy saving and carbon reduction, reduce environmental impact, and establish a safe and healthy working environment. Accordingly, we are committed to the following five points as the highest guiding principles for the company's environmental and health activities:

1. Observe Laws And Regulations

Comply with relevant environmental and safety regulations and other requirements, and implement the environmental and safety management system.

2. Continue Improvement

Through the participation of all employees and third-party vendors, we will continue to promote and improve to improve the overall performance of the management system.

3. Educational Training

Through education, promote awareness of hazard prediction, pollution prevention, energy saving, waste reduction and cleaner production; through training, strengthen emergency response capabilities, reduce disasters and losses, and ensure the effectiveness of management system operations.

4. Risk Management

The use of all energy resources of the company and the impact of environmental security are implemented in accordance with the company's relevant process operations to implement risk assessments to ensure damage prevention and health management.

5. Dissemination With Communication To Understand Each Other

Through information exchange, education, training or meetings, publicize the company's environmental security policies, measures and performance to gain the trust and participation of colleagues, suppliers, contractors, customers or the community.

Management representative:Management representative

Environmental safety and health management performance

*Environmental Safety and Health Management System

The company integrated the ISO14001, TOSHMS, and OHSAS18001 systems into an environmental safety and health management system in 2011, and passed the verification at the end of May 2012. The PDCA will continue to improve the spirit and implement safety and health management.

*Greenhouse gas verification

The company began to conduct greenhouse gas inventory operations in 2009, and in accordance with customer and group requirements, it obtained the ISO14064 system certificate in May 2012.

Medium and long range goals

*Environmental Safety and Health Management System

Integrate the environmental safety and health system into the business management system to achieve the goal of zero human disasters and zero occupational diseases. Through energy saving and waste reduction, and resource management, we can achieve the sustainable development of the enterprise.


*Greenhouse gas reduction

Global warming and climate change have led to increasingly frequent extreme climates. The company has made greenhouse gas reduction the top priority and will take 2011 as the base year. Through resource management, we will gradually promote greenhouse gas reduction and make the best of the planet. Duties of citizens.


*Corporate social responsibility

Create a safe, hygienic and healthy working environment, and actively work to promote the effectiveness of environmental safety and health management: including energy conservation and carbon reduction, greenhouse gas reduction, continuous improvement, etc., will take the corporate social responsibility as the vision, cherish the care of the earth, and achieve corporate sustainability The goal of continuing operations.

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