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Several problems of LED chip lamp beads

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LED patch light is made of FPC circuit board, LED light, high-quality silicone sleeve. Waterproof performance, safe and convenient using low-voltage DC power supply, various luminous colors and bright colors;

What is the LED patch

LED patch light is made of FPC circuit board, LED light, high-quality silicone sleeve. Waterproof performance, safe and convenient to use low-voltage DC power supply, various luminous colors, and bright colors; outdoor use can resist UV aging, yellowing, high temperature resistance and other advantages Light illumination field.

LED lights, common models are 346, 546, 3528, 5050, piranha.

The assembly of lamps and PCB boards is usually DIP, which is two kinds of in-line and SMT surface mount technology.

346 and 546 are LEDs with two positive and negative pins, which are cut and inserted into the PCB board;

The 3528 and 5050 are a cube with three LED lights, commonly known as three-in-one LED lights. There are no pins under it, but there are metal patches, which can be reflowed to the PCB through solder.

Generally, there are more patches for indoor LED screens, and more pins for outdoor screens.

SMD LED lamp working voltage?

Voltage range of white LED lamp: 3.0-3.4V

The voltage drop of the red light-emitting diode is 2.0--2.2V

The voltage drop of the yellow LED is 1.8-2.0V

The voltage drop of the green light-emitting diode is 3.0-3.2V

The voltage drop of the blue LED is 3.0-3.4V

The working voltage of the chip type is basically the same as the two-lead in-line type. The current is generally: 20 ~ 60mA, and some working currents can exceed 100mA.

★ LED is a low-voltage, low-current light-emitting device. Generally, the forward current (IF) of a low-power chip LED is 20MA, the red light voltage (VF) is 1.8-2.5V, and the blue-green light voltage (VF) is 3.0-3.6V. There are small differences between different manufacturers, so first look at the color.

★ Of course, there are high-voltage chips assembled with multiple chips, and the current is higher: 1 watt, and more than 1 watt. There are many varieties and varieties, for example:

9V28351W (positive white warm white) This is driven by high voltage, the voltage is 9V (three-core series), the driving current is 120MA, the power is 1W, and the brightness is 100-110LM.

28353V9V (three-core)








18V driven high-voltage 3030LED lamp beads (six-core in series, two-core and three-core in parallel design), driving power up to 1W,

1W high voltage 3030LED (3V, 6V, 9V, 18V optional)

★ Single chip of 1 watt, the above is also many, different colors, the voltage will be different. White is generally 3.0-3.6V.

In addition to their operating voltage, the operating current is a more important parameter. Once it is overcurrent, it will burn out.

★ The LED lights composed of chips are of many varieties and patterns, and they can be connected in series or in parallel. Voltage is divided into high voltage, low voltage and medium voltage

SMD LED rated current

Red-emitting LEDs are basically 5-8MA insurance, long life, more than 10MA is also possible, it is not durable, more than 20MA may burn out.

The current of yellow-green light is about 15MA, and the life is long, but the brightness is average. The brightness of 20ma-30ma is good, the life is not long, and it may be burned beyond 30ma.

In general LED packaging factories, pins 1, 3, and 5 are the positive electrodes of the three chips, and pins 2, 4, and 6 are the negative electrodes of the three chips. The triangular notch is the MARK point, and the RGB lamp bead triangle is the positive side. Monochrome or white light sealed triangle edges are generally defined as negative poles. This is not correct, subject to the supplier's approval. Pins 1 to 2 are green / blue LED chips, pins 3 to 4 are red LED chips, and pins 5 to 6 are green / blue LED chips. Multiple LED lamp beads are generally connected in series and parallel circuits, so you need to design several strings and parallels according to your power supply, and add a current limiting resistor to each chip circuit. The red VF is small, and the current limiting resistor is relatively large. The green and blue VF are similar, and the current limiting resistor is the same.

Several problems of LED chip lamp beads

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