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How long is the service life of LED chip beads?

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LED patch refers to the packaging form of electronic components

LED patch refers to the packaging form of electronic components.

There are two commonly used packaging forms for electronic components, one is lead packaging, and the other is chip packaging. These two types of packaging have no effect on the performance parameters of the components, except that the chip package is easier to realize mechanized production.

LED lights are made up of a base and a power source. The chip of the ceiling lamp refers to the chip-type LED used for the light-emitting element (lamp head), and the full-chip means that all components use the chip element. The two-color patch refers to the use of two-color LED patch components in its lamp head. These have little effect on the performance of the lamp and can be ignored. In theory, the color temperature of the two-color patch can be adjusted, but the difference is basically invisible.

In the case of ensuring good heat dissipation of LED lamp beads, there is no problem in ensuring the life of 50,000 hours within the rated power, but the current LED lamp beads on the market are uneven. At the same time, in order to save costs, the finished lamp factory reduces the heat dissipation module. The phenomenon that the heat sink becomes plastic, etc., varies, resulting in a greatly reduced life of the LED lamp

Can the LED light patch be washed?

Wash time should be short, and dehydrate immediately after washing.

It is recommended to use isopropyl alcohol to clean the LED. If you want to use other solvents to clean, make sure that this solvent will not affect epoxy, silicone, silicone, silver plating of the bracket, etc.

Ultrasonic cleaning is not recommended to avoid damage to the LED. If it is unavoidable, please perform a pre-test before cleaning to confirm whether it has adverse effects on the LED or potential hidden dangers.

SMD LEDs are mainly used in lighting systems, decoration, electronic device indicators, backlights, displays and appliances. In 2009, the decline in production of mobile phones and LCD TVs may affect the supply expectations of such components. Package sizes for conventional monochrome SMDLEDs are 1206 (3215), 1004 (2510), 0805 (2012), and 0603 (1608). Chinese manufacturers can provide a small size of 0603 and a thickness of only 0.3 mm. Smaller LEDs with a size of 0402 (1005) are still in trial production. In addition, Chinese suppliers also provide mature and low-margin two-color and three-color products, which are mostly used in backlights, appliances, household products, consumer electronics and displays. Despite the low market demand, manufacturers still continue to provide sideview SMD LEDs, including 335 (4008), 020 (3806) and 215 (2810) types. With the market ’s good expectations for the future status of SMDLED, major mainstream manufacturers have launched their own SMDLED development plans and prototype products. For a moment, the SMDLED market has shown a lively scene of prosperity and prosperity.

How long is the service life of LED chip beads?

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