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How are small LED lamp beads made?

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LED packaging process: choose the right size, luminosity, color, voltage, current chip.
LED packaging process

Choose a chip with the appropriate size, luminosity, color, voltage, and current.

1. Crystal expansion, using an expansion machine to uniformly expand the entire LED wafer film provided by the manufacturer, so that the LED crystals that are closely arranged on the surface of the film are pulled apart, making it easy to spin.

2. Adhesive, put the crystal expanding ring on the surface of the adhesive machine where the silver paste layer has been scraped, and put the silver paste on the back. Point silver paste. Suitable for bulk LED chips. Use a dispenser to spot the right amount of silver paste on the PCB.

3. Fix the crystal, put the expanded crystal ring with the silver paste into the spine frame, and the operator will puncture the LED chip with the spine pen on the PCB printed circuit board under the microscope.

4. Fix the crystal. Put the printed PCB printed circuit board in the heat-circulating oven for a period of time and keep it for a while. After the silver paste is solidified, take it out. Will cause difficulties). If there is LED chip bonding, the above steps are needed; if there is only IC chip bonding, the above steps are cancelled.

5. Welding wire, using an aluminum wire bonding machine to bridge the chip (LED die or IC chip) with the corresponding pad aluminum wire on the PCB, that is, the inner lead of the COB is welded.

6. Initial test, use special testing tools (COB has different equipment for different purposes, the simple is a high-precision regulated power supply) to test the COB board, and return the unqualified board for repair.

7. Dispensing, use the dispensing machine to place the appropriate amount of AB glue on the bonded LED die, and the IC is sealed with black glue, and then the appearance is sealed according to customer requirements.

8. Curing, put the sealed PCB printed circuit board or lamp holder in a thermal cycle oven and leave it at a constant temperature. Different drying times can be set according to requirements.

9. General test, use the special testing tools to test the electrical performance of the packaged PCB printed circuit board or lamp holder to distinguish the good from the bad.

10. Spectroscopy. Use a spectroscope to separate lamps of different brightness according to requirements and package them separately.

11. Storage. Then go out in batches to contribute to the people!

There are many types of LED lamp beads. Generally, they are pin-type and patch-type. Pin-type can be installed with circuit board through welding and perforation. The reverse side depends on the PCB to form a circuit connection. It can also be drilled and installed with an insulation board The opposite leg is connected with a wire to form a circuit. Another patch-type lamp bead is mounted and welded on the surface of the PCB circuit board. The surface is formed by the PCB circuit. High-power LEDs also need to use high thermal conductivity. The aluminum-based circuit board is used for heat conduction, and then added with a heat sink to dissipate heat for normal use. Regardless of the type of lamp beads, the LED needs to be driven by a constant current power supply to ensure stable working conditions.

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