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What are the LED lamp bead assembly processes

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LED lamp assembly process: 1. Visual inspection; 2. 2. Apply thermal grease on aluminum substrate; 3. Welding LED; 4. Welding power input and output leads; 5. 5. The power sleeve heat shrinks the tube and heats and shrinks; 6. Fix the lamp cap; 7. 8. Conduct thermal grease on the lamp cup; 8. 8. Fix the light board and welding power output leads; Welding soap source output line; 10. Installation and fixing of lampshade; 11. Power-on inspection; 12. Hit the lamp.
LED lamp assembly process:

1. Visual inspection

Visually inspect the appearance of the lamp cup, lampshade, and lamp head for any defects such as scratches, burrs, cracks, and deformation. Take a set of samples for trial installation to confirm whether the size and position of the screw holes of each accessory are appropriate. Visually check the polarity of the circuit board and components clearly; whether copper foil is bulging; use a multimeter to test the circuit (aluminum substrate) for open circuits and short circuits. Check whether the color, brightness and color temperature of the LED are consistent with the requirements, whether the surface of the LED lamp is scratched, and whether the solder pins are bright. Check if the power supply standard parameters are consistent with the actual conditions when the load is powered on. Are 3 aluminum substrate fixing screws and brown / white two 6cm power cords suitable?

2. Thermal conductive silicone grease on aluminum substrate

Heat conductive silicone grease was evenly coated on the center circle of the LED lamp package marked on the aluminum substrate.

3. Solder LED

Take the 3PCSLED lamp and weld it at the marked position on the aluminum substrate. Tin is applied to one of the polarities of the aluminum substrate, and the same-polarity end of the LED is soldered with the soldered end in advance, and then the other end of the LED is soldered to the other pin of the aluminum substrate LED package.
Note: Full solder joints are required. There is no false soldering, false soldering or short circuit. The LED soldering position is correct. When welding, you must wear an anti-static ring.

4. Welding power input, output lead

The lead wire of the lamp head is welded to the power input end, and the brown / white two power leads are welded on the poles at the power output end.

5. Power sleeve heat shrink tube and heat shrink

Use a 20mm heat shrink tube to cover the power supply and heat it with a hot air gun to tighten it. The length of the heat shrinkable tube must exceed the length of the power supply by about 1 cm to 2 cm.

6. Fixed base

Put a small amount of 189 glue on the thread of the lamp cup, and tighten the lamp cap along the thread of the cup that has been glued with 189 glue.

7. Apply thermal grease on the lamp cup

Heat conductive silicone grease evenly on the plane of the lamp cup.

8. Fixed light board, welding power output lead

The circuit board is glued on the bottom plate on which the lamp cup is fixed, the aluminum substrate is fixed with 3 screws, and the power output lead is led out through the center hole of the circuit board.

9. Welding soap source output line

According to the positive and negative polarity, solder the power output lead to the solder joint of the circuit board.

10. Installing and fixing the lampshade

Put a small amount of 189 glue on the thread of the lamp cup, and tighten the lamp cover along the thread of the cup that has been glued with 189 glue.

11. Power-on inspection

External AC220V lights up the finished lamp. After lighting, the brightness and color are uniform, otherwise the LED lights, power leads and power supply should be inspected and repaired.

12. Lamp holder

Hit the E27 lamp holder with the lamp holder and fix the E27 lamp holder.

13. Full inspection

Check whether the lamp head and lamp cover are firmly connected, whether the appearance is incomplete, and ensure that the surface of the finished product is clean and free of foreign objects.

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